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Hard Enduro Training


"Enduro School Bend was founded


from the passion that teaching


Offroad Motorcycle Riding


gave me." - Branden Lepard

About Branden

    After Branden's first year of riding and racing dirt bikes, he contacted National Champion racer Brian Garrahan, Owner of GARRAHANOFFROADTRAINING.COM for a private lesson, that one lesson changed his life.  Half a year later, Branden began working for Brian as an instructor and coach. This snowballed into a career; teaching, training at private tracks, private property, racing classes, camping, motocross, and a yearly summer camp for the kids. 

About Enduro School Bend

    Instilling confidence by teaching proper riding technique that will evolve your riding, enhance safety, and make your overall ride more enjoyable is Enduro School Bend's goal.  We have classes for all skill levels and the proper experience needed to analyze the individual riders needs, focusing on drills that will suit the rider best.  So if this is your first introduction to dirt on a motorcycle, we will host drills on wide open flat safe spaces and work with you accordingly making your experience as comfortable and safe as possible.  ESB can make your time spent on the bike faster, safer, and most importantly more fun!

Garrahan Off-Road Brothers
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