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Matt K. 

         Branden is an amazing instructor. Super cool guy, crazy skilled rider—spent a few hours today showing me how to do things I struggle with: efficient log crossing, cornering on flats vs ruts vs berms, getting the front wheel up, whoops, clutch work, comfort in the air, controlling the bike at low speed. Easily the best money I’ve spent since I got my bike. I ride a lot, but I do a lot of things wrong. Awesome to have this guy in Bend. Highly recommended, especially if you care about getting better at one of the things you love to do. Already planning a group lesson with some of my riding buds...

Dawn Stob 

         Thanks to @brandenlep at @enduroschoolbend for getting me outside my comfort zone! When you think you know it all...think again! Even after 40+ years there is so much to learn!

Mike L. 

         Thank you so much, little Mikey is stoked!


         Thank you, Mikey is a great kid!

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